To test or not to test? That is the question…

Well I have been visiting the RE a lot in the last month and a half and last month after several ultrasounds, I found out that I was not ovulating like I thought I was. I went for an ultrasound on cycle day 12 and my follicles were at 10mm, then went back five days later when they should’ve been at 20 MM and they hadn’t grown at all they were still at 10. So finally I got put on Clomid which is what I had wanted to be on originally. I completed my first cycle of Clomid with no side effects, thank God, and I had a 27mm (whoa) and an 18mm follicle! So needless to say it worked! I already had an ovidrel injection saved from last month so We could finally schedule our first IUI, we completed the IUI last week and so far I am 10 days post ovulation and the tww (two week wait) has been OK but I am getting very impatient and definitely want to test. So far the only symptoms I have had, have been some cramping and my breasts are more tender to the touch. But this could also be my mind playing tricks on me, since I have had these symptoms in the past and have not been pregnant. I am going to try to hold out until tomorrow but it is hard!

My advice to ladies in their TWW— stay busy!
Take a yoga or exercise class
Start a craft or hobby
Go shopping
Hang out with friends or family
Read books or watch movies

Anything to keep your mind busy but stay positive!


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