Finchberry Soap Review


If you are having difficulty trying to conceive and haven’t read the book “It starts with the egg”, I urge you to read it now! The book goes into a lot about egg quality but one of the things the book suggests to do is detoxify your home, health products and food. Most of the things we come into contact with nowadays have chemicals, toxins and hormone disruptors.

But there are plenty of products that are toxin-free though including personal care items, household products and even makeup! The EWG app is great for determining if products are “clean”. When it comes to bath and body, I was always a fiend for bath and body works but after reading the ingredients on their products, I realized they are not the best choice. I discovered Finchberry soaps after being given two bars as a gift and I absolutely fell in love with them!

Their products are chemical, paraben, phthalate-free and hand-made with natural colors and scents. And they smell amazing! They are vegan, hand-crafted and truly a work of art! Seriously…look at these soaps!!


Beautiful! Just beautiful & again they seriously smell amazing! I love the rosey posey scent! These soaps have a nice lather and are not full of chemicals like most of the soaps and body washes on the market. If you care about what you put on your skin, check out Finchberry! You can find Finchberry soaps at some retailers and online at


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