My experience with the Stork OTC


In my last post, I explained what the Stork otc is and how it works. We received 2 Storks from the ambassador program and they are to be used on your 2 most fertile days, after you have a positive ovulation test. In the packaging are two parts, the conceptacle which is basically a cervical cap like a soft cup inside a very thick, silicone condom. The condom was honestly too thick and too rough for us to use, we attempted using it but could not make it work…but luckily the instructions say you do not have to use the condom part if you don’t want to.


The next night we tried again but this time we didn’t use the condom part and only used the conceptacle where my husband placed his “specimen”. I just placed the conceptacle in the applicator and 3 clicks later it was in place! You can leave the cap in for 6 hours and you can move around, dance, whatever you want! I definitely prefer this product because natural intercourse can be pretty messy and there isn’t really a way to keep the sperm in there… I would recommend this product for that alone!

I’m also a visual person so I watched this tutorial prior to using:

Disclaimer- the stork otc products were sent to me as part of the stork otc ambassador program. This review is an honest, unbiased review but may not work for everyone.


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