Supplementation for Low Sperm Count


My husband has severe low sperm counts (4 million per ML, 22 million total concentration)  with normal motility and morphology. Our first RE strongly pushed IVF as our only option, after I did some research, I read about some supplements he could take and about a procedure called IUI that costs a lot less than IVF and although the success rates are much lower, it can help couples with low sperm counts. He has been on the supplements since 10/2016 and we plan to try IUI in 03/2017.

Read about what is a normal sperm analysis here:

My husband is currently taking Fertilaid for men which is like a multivitamin. Selenium and zinc are very important for sperm development and most men don’t get enough of these minerals in their diet. He is also on Ubiquinol CoQ10 100mg a day. Make sure to use ubiquinol not ubiquinone which is a cheaper supplement but not absorbed like ubiquinol. The reviews for fertilaid are very good and they also have additional supplements called count boost and motility boost that can be added to fertilaid.


*Disclaimer- I am not a doctor or healthcare expert. I am simply providing information that I have been told that may be useful to others.



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