I’m being consumed by infertility…

It’s almost midnight, I should be getting ready for bed….

But here I am searching the web for facts on supplements to increase sperm counts or help with ovulation.

Searching Instagram with the new TTC account I made (which is actually very therapeutic) to talk with other TTC sisters and hear their stories.

Looking at Facebook at all the people I know who are announcing pregnancies or having babies. 

Browsing Pinterest for my secret board about all the baby/pregnancy things I may never be able to use.

Adding data to my Ovia app to know when I will be ovulating.

Buying ovulation kits from Amazon. 

The list goes on…When will it be my turn to announce my pregnancy? When will my mom and dad be able to be a grandma and grandpa? When will I be able to be called “mom”??

I’m trying to keep hope alive but it is difficult not to become consumed by all the things that go with infertility.


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